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EmpEmpty_Hallways_Cover_for_Kindlety Hallways is my first published novel. Officially released at the end of June 2013, it falls into the category of supernatural fiction/horror.

David Hartlet is a troubled man. His demons are many and his option few. His only hope appears to lie in the care of the skeptical Dr. Schraeder. Schraeder, a scientist and psychologist with a lengthy history of caring for the mentally ill, believed David to be making more of his troubles than are actually there. What Dr. Schraeder, and even David himself, cannot know is that David’s troubles are far beyond his own scope. Many years before David’s visit to St. Marguerite’s Hospital, tragedy struck and left a mark upon the hospital that no amount of time could heal. That mark, deep and scarred over, was ripped open again by David’s own tormented heart. David and the rest of the denizens of St. Marguerite’s have found themselves face to face with the ugly spirit of the hospital, alive and aching for a revenge it believes it is owed. Can David and Dr. Schraeder find a way to stop the spirit? Or will they be forced to relive the dark secret of St. Marguerite’s firsthand?

e-book format: Kindle.
Paperback: CreateSpace. Amazon.

House of 13House of Thirteen: Book One is my second novel and the first installment of the series. It was released on Halloween in 2015. The series follows a house of immortals masquerading as caretakers for a historical home turned museum. Together, they care for the memories of the past that should not be forgotten while trying to keep some present-day secrets from being known by the modern world.

Everything happens for a reason… doesn’t it?
Ren never put stock in sappy clichés… at least, not until the day she died.
She’s alive – again – but in hiding, adopted by the strangest of foster families: The Delaneys. Now, part of a sisterhood drawn together by the same unknown force that spared her life, she will begin a journey she could never have imagined: leaving her everyday world for one much more bizarre. It will be harder than she imagines, but alongside her newfound sisters, Ren will soon discover that everything does happen for a reason, but sometimes, those reasons are better left unknown.

e-book format: Kindle.
Paperback: CreateSpace. Amazon.

January-FinalAt Calendar’s End is my third story and my first serial project. In 2016, I endeavored to released one part of the twelve-installment story on the first of each month until the story was concluded. It was both stressful and exciting to attempt – and accomplish – such a feat. Along with my own frenzied schedule, I was joined in the challenge by artist Brian Ritson, who created a unique cover each month depicting that installment’s respective character.

At Calendar’s End is available in both serialized installments (for those of you who want to test out the story first) and in the Omnibus (for those of you who want the whole story). Both versions are available in paperback and ebook.

And I would be remiss if I didn’t draw some attention to the utterly delightful At Calendar’s End coloring book. Brian Ritson collected the line art for each of the individual covers, as well as some art pages just for the coloring book featuring quotes from each of the installments. It’s a delightful companion to the series and a wonderful addition to any collection.

Time is a fickle thing. Sometimes, so are those that wield it. But as the holidays set in and another year comes to a close, the beings that keep the cycle of time moving forward are being killed off. Whatever is killing them off seems to be taunting Ember, saving her for last.
With only a handful of days before the new year is supposed to begin, can she figure how to stop the killer before time – literally – runs out for everyone?

Start  here:     January     Omnibus     Coloring Book




Leave the Light On is a short story written for the Write Michigan 2014 contest. Any genre is allowed to enter, 3000 words or less. The final story rode out to 2991. The story will be released to the general public after the contest ends.
EDIT: Story released and on the blog. Read it here.
EDIT EDIT: Story is also included in the Monster Attack anthology.

Lake Effect is a short story I wrote as part of a fundraiser on behalf of World Kidney Day, raising money to fight Polycystic Kidney Disease. The efforts of the fundraiser have been compiled in the anthology A Picture is Worth 1000 Words and proceeds of the book go to benefit PKDcharity.org.uk. For the time being, and to help promote the book itself, Lake Effect will only be available via the anthology, though I do plan to release it to the general public in the future.

The Nain Rouge Incident is the first short in what I plan to adapt into a (hopefully) long-running series of serial installments revolving around reluctant detective of the supernatural, John Angel. The first installment appears as part of the Halloween anthology, Tales of Horror on Halloween Night.  The long-term goal is to begin assembling a “casebook” of Johnny’s adventures for future release.

Threshold is another one-shot horror novel, in the vein of Empty Hallways. The first draft is completed, but I decided to table it to put my attention on At Calendar’s End. Now that things are complete there, I hope to give it a second draft/rewrite before sending it to editing. The concept again is returning to my love of old-fashioned horror tropes. I’ve done my haunted house story, now I’ll be turning to something of a possessed artifact. The story revolves around an antique mirror, or rather, its unique properties. Have you ever taken a good hard look at your reflection? What did you see? Are you sure it was your reflection? What if it was someone else? What if it was something else?

In the works:

An anthology of my own short stories.

House of Thirteen, Book Two.

Threshold, a horror novel.

So many other stories just waiting to be told.

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