eLearning modules

I’ve worked in elearning development since 2007. Most of that time has been spent working in Lectora, but I have had experiences in other platforms, including Storyline and Captivate. I will update this section as I build new and noteworthy modules to showcase my ability.

The Buzz about Bees [Storyline] – This project was by request to show the basics of what I was capable of, and to showcase my “style”. I have a tendency to create all new projects – I’m not a fan of templates – so I decided to have some fun with information about bees. None of the content is mine. It is all cribbed from somewhere else. These images are not used with any permission except for example.
eLearning Launch Storyline 360 Stage One Cohort Final Assignment [Storyline] – To complete the eLearning Launch Articulate Storyline Stage One Cohort for credit, I was required to build a multiple page course with interactions and a quiz with results. All content is placeholder, as the cohort was only a week long. The interactivity is the showcase, and my ability to create in Storyline.
Board Game Activity [Lectora] – The challenge here was to create a quiz that wasn’t a quiz. By replacing the typical question format, we are able to present a single-page quiz (up to 30 questions) with instant feedback and up-to-the-minute scoring. The learner can see how they are doing before the quiz is even complete.
The Training Room [Lectora] – An effort to get away from typical page-turning courses. Each room in the course is its own content area; each item in the room supports and reinforces the topic. Designed to be engaging and interactive, the open design allows learners to choose their own path and their own order for learning.
The Builders Risk Worksite activity [Lectora] – This activity reinforces good policy knowledge regarding worksite issues. Playing off seek-and-find games, the user searches the site for issues, and then verifies with the policy whether or not this issue is covered. Multiple worksites and policies are covered in the full course.
Effective Business Writing examples [Lectora] – Examples included show ways to keep a stagnant wall of text from becoming boring by adding animation cues to change avatars and show new items. The second example is a punctuation activity that utilizes graphics and animation to turn a simple multiple choice quiz into something more engaging and interesting.
Claims Handling Guide Question Path [Lectora] – This was both a first attempt at reframing a quiz into something more visually appealing, and reinforcing effective use of the Claims Handling Guide. Users are given access to the guide and asked to find the answer to these questions within. Again, this activity is not about knowing the answers to these questions, but about providing opportunities to use the CHG to find them.

Augmented Reality (AR) Apps

I started working with AR in 2021 and love the capability and potential it has for learning as well as entertainment. I currently use Zappar and am working toward completing a cohort using the Zappar AR platform. To interact with these examples, download the Zappar app on your phone or visit web.zappar.com and scan the splash images below:

Author site example [Zappar] – A simple example to generate attention for my author site. Through interaction, the viewer can “meet” me in a brief introduction video, visit my site, or contact me directly by email.
Informative App [Zappar] – In an effort to promote something other than myself, I toyed with animations in the platform and decided on some additional features via a larger menu. I highly recommend seeking out a local humane society or shelter when seeking your next pet.
Widgets/Deep Linking [Zappar] – With the intent to build a resource library for new associates, I build a widget library that branches out from a main widget through a series of “deep links.” IMPORTANT: To properly view this app as it was designed: Open your browser and go to the web.zappar.com web browser, allow permission to use your phone’s camera, then scan the above code.
Quiz/Branching App [Zappar] – The focus was to route the user in specific directions using the content to guide them. In a simple quiz form, I lead the user through the questions – correct answers guide the user forward; incorrect answers guide them back to the question for another attempt – until they reach the end of the course. I made the most of gif animations to liven up the interactions and reinforce the right/wrong feedback.


Before I turned my attention to elearning, my passion was film. I have 2 degrees in film: Associate in Motion Picture Production; Associate in Motion Picture Direction. I love storytelling and am eager to express that passion in most forms. Lately, corporate video production has been Vyond-based, but I have also produced live event content, script-based live content, screen-capture tutorials, and kinetic typography.

Demo Reel – A sampling of videos I have produced over recent years, showcasing some of my ability.
New Associate Manager Support – An example of proficiency in Vyond animation.
Cause of Loss – An example of AfterEffect animation.
AO Inside – An example of a screen-recorded tutorial.
MoFILM: Chevy Sonic commercial – Contest submission. Co-writer, camera work, co-director, editor.
CourseCenter Teaser Commercial – Another example of AfterEffects animation.