It’s an odd sensation…

All your life, there are things that you work at and daydream about and you never expect them to become a beautiful reality. Maybe you didn’t expect that because it seems like such a far-fetched idea, or maybe it’s because you don’t have the ambition at that moment in your life to push forward, but sometimes, dreams just don’t seem feasible.

And then you run into moments when it all just starts snowballing and you have that momentary fear that it might just be possible to be crushed to death under your own success.

I know I’m not any kind of “success” yet, simply an overachiever, but all in a day, I’ve gotten so many amazing moments bundled together:

  • I continue to get wonderful reviews from peers reading Empty Hallways.
  • Empty Hallways also just went to Kindle.
  • Atlas, which I had been toying with the idea of sending out to the festivals once again, has just been given a slot at the Jaxon Filmfest this September.
  • …which reinforces that Atlas needs to dust off and get back out there.
  • The idea for the new story – which I am simply referring to as “Jihad” at this point – has finally started to congeal. I’ve had a few paragraphs jotted down, but nothing solid – characters, minute plot points, a tease of an ending. It’s starting to come together now.

The moments seem to wait around the corner, gathering until there are enough of them, and then they jump out and rush me, like a pack of hoodlums determined to take me down.

It’s all fine. I’ll be fine. I’m very excited about the prospect of being drowned in my own success.

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