Let the FCC hear you.

It is, quite literally, the easiest way you can weigh in on the Open Internet issue that is being debated right now.

All you have to do is click this link. Then click on Proceeding 14-28 (as of this posting, it is the third item down on the list).

Now for the easiest part of the quiz. You know your name, where you live, and your email address, right? Just put those in where it’s requested (your email is optional, and if you have auto-fill enabled, it’s even easier to complete this step).

In the comments, you can put whatever you like, but the phrase that pays is:
“I want internet service providers classified as common carriers.” Feel free to copy that directly, I did. Then hit Continue and you are set.

Personally speaking, I want to see the internet remain the free-frolicking thing we all know and love. I don’t want to see it censored, or regulated, and certainly not limited.

My beloved internet consumption would not tolerate a slow-down, I’m sure you understand.

You can also send a letter via the Electronic Frontier Foundation, right here.

Back to your regularly scheduled programming. And thanks.

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