Birthday wishes

As the weekend nears its end, I finally begin the official celebration of my birthday… Not that I haven’t been celebrating this entire weekend.

Partly celebrated with an author event and the realization that House of Thirteen is about ready to step into the world, I actually sat down to think of something I could ask others for on my birthday.

It’s a simple request, and something you can do for any author at any time, birthday or not.

Go online and review the books you enjoy. Let your authors know how much you like their work. Encourage others to read your favorite authors.

It’s really easy to click the stars on any of the sites out there. Amazon, Goodreads, GooglePlay… They all have a similar rating system and while stars encourage, words are better. Your words remind us that there is a purpose beyond the self-inflicted insanity of writing our stories. It bolsters us and gives us something to cling to when it gets frustrating.

So write to keep us writing. Review, then copy your review to any other site you can find the book on. Your authors will adore you for your effort and everyday will feel like their birthday.

As an added bonus, since its my birthday and I can celebrate it however I want, a tease of what’s to come:

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