I Wrote a Thing!

Not too long ago, my new friends at Shepherd reached out and asked if I would be interested in writing an article for them. Sure, why not? I’m a writer. I do writing. U should be a thing I am capable of.

Capable I am, but I tell you, nothing is worse than lining up all of your favorite darlings and then deciding which ones are just not good enough. Scrutinizing based on some specific criteria, second-guessing yourself, asking why you ever agreed in the first place…

I kid, but lists are hard. But it was a lot of fun to revisit my library and look from book to book as I tried to narrow this topic down to 5 selections. You should give my list a look yourself. Then you should reach out and let me know what you would have done differently.

And while you are over there, check out the rest of what Shepherd has to offer.