The comfort of a dark, familiar place.

I’m looking very forward to tomorrow. Atlas will be showing at the Jaxon Film Fest and I will finally have the opportunity to sit quietly in a theater and observe the audience. I don’t get to do that with many projects. People get weirded out when you watch them while they watch a movie, as it turns out. So it should prove to be interesting, just blending into the crowd and observing.

The oddity is that the film fest is predominantly horror genre, which makes Atlas an odd duck. Of course, Atlas is a little darker than most superhero stories, so that should be a happy surprise for everyone.

I enjoy watching people react to an orchestrated moment. When people don’t know they are being watched, they are their most genuine. You learn a lot, not only about individuals, but people in general. So there’s the added bonus to seeing my film on the big screen again.

This will be a nice bookmark for me, a chapter marker separating summer and its end, from the oncoming autumn, halloween, and the creeping darkness that precedes winter. And of course, the gateway into October, with all its ghosts and ghouls, creeps and crawlies. And of course, a lovely month of atmosphere leading up to Halloween, and the following month of insanity after, National Novel Writing Month.

…we’re not even going to mention the holiday madness that leads into.

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