Reality Check

Making the rounds of my regular haunts on the internet last night, I discovered a new review of my book. It’s short, and only two stars, but I hesitate to call it “negative”.

The truth is, if you think everyone is going to both approve and enjoy your work, whatever you are doing, you’re crazy. I would say that goes double or triple for certain subcultures, horror included. I feel incredibly blessed that I have received as many positive reviews as I have so far, and this contrary position should stand as a reminder of what I already know.

If anything, what grates at me is that I can’t contact that person and ask for more detail in their critique. I can’t please anyone, and it’s very likely that my writing just didn’t reach this reader. But it is also possible that somewhere in their assessment, I might be able to draw one pearl of wisdom to help me be a better writer. It bugs me that I don’t have that opportunity.

Onward and upward.

I’ll be testing the waters face-to-face this weekend, which is both terrifying and absolutely exhilarating. I will actually be able to talk about my work, and who knows what else, with other local authors, as well as a myriad of enthused readers at Leon & Lulu’s in Clawson, MI. It will be interesting to see what people at random make of the horror genre, as I believe I will have the only “horror” novel on the grounds. There are suspense and paranormal writers coming though, so I should be among friends.

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