Let’s get this year started.

You can say what you like about the weather lately; it’s been pushing the cold and dreary around here. People have lost a little of their holiday luster and are ready to move into the warmer months, but for me… this is where it all begins.

It’s a new year, and I won’t bore you with my plots, plans and resolutions (SPOILER: they’re just like last year, including the “like last year… but bigger! better!” part). I will simply say that there are a lot of moments that have been counting down and they are just about ready to be unveiled.

I have officially begun my campaign to conquer Facebook. In an attempt to keep the man and the author separate (for the time being), I am moving all of my book and writing updates to my new Facebook Page.

I have brushed away the cobwebs and started on the first complete draft of House of 13. Suffice to say that the manuscript that was my every waking moment during NaNoWriMo decided to alter itself considerably along the way. The simplest solution is a full rewrite and I am excited to get started. I pulled plenty of inspiration from the beginning of winter, and will pull harder from it as it continues… I hope you’ll bear with me as I cross my fingers for a cold, dark season.

I am also juggling four short stories at various stages of completion. I hope to be able to present at least one by the end of January for pleasure reading.

And Monday, January 6, I will have an announcement. I have no idea what it will be. I know the subject matter, but not the outcome, so it is currently a mystery to everyone… even myself. I’m very excited. It could be disappointing, or joyous. Either way, expect something very special Monday.

If January is any indicator, this year should be a pretty big adventure. Biggest yet? Absolutely. Let’s get started already.

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