As Promised… sort of.

I promised an update, though I have to admit that this is not the update you were looking for. There was supposed to be an update today so that I could give you an update, but Michigan weather being what it is through a monkey wrench into the plan.

Months ago, I submitted a short story to a competition called Write Michigan. A committee chooses the top 10 in three categories, and those 10 will be culled to 3 in category, but in two separate arenas: Reader’s Choice and Judge’s Choice. Semi-finalists were to be announced today, but I assume since so many businesses were closed (including all Schuler Books stores) because of the ridiculously cold temperatures today, the announcement has been postponed until tomorrow.

So, tomorrow, whether I am a semi-finalist or not, you should be able to show up on the website, read till you are content, and then vote for your favorite stories.

If my short story is not among them, you can return here to read what I submitted. So, really, it’s a win-win, I think.

Till tomorrow.

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