It’s a new year, but they’re the same old tricks…

13 days into the new year, I thought I might finally weigh in. It’s been a while and I’m painfully conscious of that. I’m a bad blogger. Well, not bad, just inconsistent. And just like last year (heh) one of my numerous resolutions is to try to improve on that failing.

Another part of that is to actually finish a book (and another) that I have been hinting at for far too long.

The first batch of edits are back in my hands on House of Thirteen. So now it is time to go back through the story and correct all the things I left out, put in too often, confused, and other wise lost in the proverbial wood chipper while writing the first draft.


The second round of edits can’t begin until I finish up the rest of this first draft on Threshold. I know, I know… I would much rather drop everything and start working on Thirteen again. I am ready to pull out my hair and scream at these characters – again. I have missed them and I have neglected them for too long. But I also owe Threshold a bit of time in the sun.

You see, even though I started Threshold in November 2014, I actually started it in November of … 2007, I do believe. I still have the legal pad I hand wrote the original pages on. If you think my fingers can’t keep up with my thoughts now, try putting them all down in pen. Ugh.

But Threshold has been kicking around since then. Back when I had a beginning, part of a middle, and something of an end. None of the pieces matched up and I was just starting then, so I got frustrated and gave up on it. Somewhen in 2014, the plot started rolling around in my head again. It made enough clatter that I decided to make it my pet project for NaNoWriMo ’14.

Now, I need to make it editable. That is coming to a finish soon, and I can drop that and pick up Thirteen again, which has already been an intense labor of love/hate that I am looking very forward to sharing with the world.

Here is hoping that 2015 is the Year of the Author, not just for me, but for a great and many authors out there that I am looking forward to seeing let loose new work.

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